Pyralid Moths

The Pyralidae, commonly called pyralid moths, snout moths or grass moths, are a family of Lepidoptera.In many (particularly older) classifications, the grass moths (Crambidae) are included in the Pyralidae as a subfamily, making the combined group one of the largest families in the Lepidoptera.

The wingspans for small and medium-sized species usually between 9 and 37 mm with variable morphological features.

As many species of pyralid are day-flying, they can be seen without the need for a moth-trap, and some can be very colourful and relatively easy to identify.


Images - left to right:

Hypsopygia costalis Gold Triangle (Patrick Clement); Anania hortulata Small Magpie (Iain Leach); Endotricha flammealis (Patrick Clement); Anania funebris (Bob Eade); Sitochroa palealis (Patrick Clement); Cydia dentalis (Patrick Clement) and Elophila nymphaeata Brown China Mark (Patrick Clements).  Many thanks to the photographers for allowing the use of their images.